Get to know the faces that represent us

What really makes Whisker Stix LLC great are our awesome team members who do such great work. Meet the people who are standing behind the products, and the beliefs we all commonly share for the industry.

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Sponsored Angler

Frank is one of the best when it comes to down home gritty bank fishing. he has supreme knowledge of reading the enviroment, and producing fish. Frank is a wonderful teacher of fishing multiple species and you can learn from him yourself by visiting his YouTube channel. 

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Sponsored Angler

Bill is an excellent resource to the catfish community. He and his family are always contributing to events, as well his educating and showing a wonderful time fishing on thier youtube channel "CatfishBill 66".

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Sponsored Angler

John is a sucessful entrepeneur as well as an expierenced bank fisherman. He and his crew the J&J Catfish Anglers, are a bright and upcoming team of anglers that attend and support events nation wide, as well as teach people the ropes of bank fishing for catfish on thier YouTube channel J&J Catfish Anglers.

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Sponsored Angler

Jeff Is another member of the J&J Catfish Anglers. he joins John and the rest of the crew on thier fishing adventures. He also travels to many events to support the community and educates the next generation on conservation of Catfish with his crew through thier YouTube videos. 

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Sponsored Angler

Justin is the newest member of the J&J Catfish Anglers crew.  Justin brings alot to the fishing industry when it comes to practicing and educating C.P.R. He helps educate the practice of conservation for catfish wherever he travels, and demonstrates great hospitality to anyone who comes on a trip with the J&J Crew.

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Sponsored Angler

Everett is such a hypeman for anything he is passionate about, especially fishing! Not only does this talented guy produce his own music and make his own fishing videos on YouTube, he also advocates his passion for fishing in his travels to tournaments, and other events nationwide. Everett always brings good times with him, and his passion for conservation is 2nd to none. 

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John Buczack.jpg

Promotional Staff

Jonathan is a family man who just enjoys being on the water anytime of the year. H bank fishes, he boat fishes, and he uses his skills to inform and educate anglers all across the country with the videos he creates. Jonathan is another wonderful advocate to the industry when it comes to practicing C.P.R.

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Promotional Staff

Robert is a well seasoned angler and loves to teach the sport of catfishing to others. he is a wonderful advocate for the practice of C.P.R. and conservation for catfish.

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Promotional Staff

Jim is another seasoned veteran when it comes to catfishing. He spends most of his time bank fishing and teaching others about the sport. Jim especially enjoy fishing with friends and family. He also loves to livestream while he fishes on his YouTube channel.

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Promotional Staff

Jenny is one of two female team members on our Promotional Staff and boy does she know how to fish! Her and her partner both have multiple tournament wins under thier belt with more to come! She is an excellent ambassador to the sport as well as a great upcoming entrepeneuer in the industry.

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Promotional Staff

Brittney is the 2nd of our Female Promotional Staff members and the tournament partner with Jenny. She is well seasoned tournament angler who along with her partner puts the care and saftey of the fish first and foremost. With multiple tournament wins under thier belts, and the backing on multiple companies, these two ladies will go far when it comes to inspiring other ladies of all ages to get in on the fun of catfishing. 

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