Get to know the faces that represent us

What really makes Whisker Stix LLC great are our awesome team members who do such great work. Meet the people who are standing behind the products, and the beliefs we all commonly share for the industry.

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Sponsored Angler

Frank is one of the best when it comes to down home gritty bank fishing. he has supreme knowledge of reading the enviroment, and producing fish. Frank is a wonderful teacher of fishing multiple species and you can learn from him yourself by visiting his YouTube channel. 

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Sponsored Angler

Bill is an excellent resource to the catfish community. He and his family are always contributing to events, as well his educating and showing a wonderful time fishing on thier youtube channel "CatfishBill 66".

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Promotional Staff

Paula is a warm soul with a burning passion for the sport of catfishing. She promote CPR, and loves to participate in events and benefits across the country. She enjoys educating others about conservation, and boy does she know how to catch big fish! Did we mention she is a record holder?

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Promotional Staff

Jonathan is a family man who just enjoys being on the water anytime of the year. H bank fishes, he boat fishes, and he uses his skills to inform and educate anglers all across the country with the videos he creates. Jonathan is another wonderful advocate to the industry when it comes to practicing C.P.R.

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Promotional Staff

Jim is another seasoned veteran when it comes to catfishing. He spends most of his time bank fishing and teaching others about the sport. Jim especially enjoy fishing with friends and family. He also loves to livestream while he fishes on his YouTube channel.

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Promotional Staff

Justin is a crafty, cunning, and avid bank angler. He enjoys DIY, spending time with his family and raising his kids on the water. You'll often see him teaching his youngest about the joys of catfishing, and helping her reel in giants.  He promotes CPR, keeping the banks clean, and enjoys promoting events that involve getting veterans outdoors. 

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