10% of all sales on this product will be donated to Heroes Outdoor Therapy to help support veterans. 


Use any 1/2" boat style rod holder on the bank (Monster Rod Holder Metallic Blue Tip Series Options available as a combo)  For the bank guys who always wanted to use their favorite brand boat style holders, AND for the boaters who dont want to get thier boats out today and need a way to hold thier rods while bank fishing!


Features include:

- light weight

- solid frame 1/2"cold rolled steel

- 1" hollow steel ergonomic handle

- 1/4" x 3" x 6" steel spade to prevent twisting

- Spade end doubles as a blunt edged hatchet to split firewood and drift wood for building fires

- 6"diameter loop for foot driving, carrying handle, secondary rod holder, stringer mount, dock mount (with hose clamps, gear ties etc)

- Heavy duty two-part water based epoxy industrial paint for supreme protection

**Each Katchet comes with a limited lifetime warranty**

Katchet Bank Holder (Optional MRH Combo)

MRH Combo
  • You can select an option for a MRH combo. Choose from 0/33, or Stampede 22 models. Metallic Blue Tip Series is the only color option available