Developed by a Fisheries Biologist and Game Warden, ChumPODS are a revolutionary and patent-pending attractant system that lures more fish to your bait when you need a bite the most. The core of a ChumPOD is a custom formulated and exclusive fish attractant made of the purest natural ingredients sourced from decades of experience from providing fish food to hatcheries. These protein and amino acid packed attractors are crammed into a water dissolvable pod that attaches directly to your hook. No mess and easy to use, just hook an edge and cast. ChumPODS begin releasing their attractants within seconds of hitting the water and stay with your hook all the way to the bottom; where the film then dissolves completely - creating a dinner plate like pile of meaty fish attractant with your hook bait as the main course. And unlike liquid spray on attractants, the micro pelleted ChumPODS attractors leak out powerful fish enticing signals the entire time they are in the water.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Instant and long lasting attraction
  • Multi-species fishmeal based attractant designed to work with your favorite bait
  • Attaches directly to your hook
  • Dissolves in all water temperatures
  • 20 ChumPODS per package so you can fish all day 
  • Each ChumPOD weighs approximately .46 oz

Get more bites, and make your bait presentation stand out with ChumPODS. Fishing with bait will never be the same.